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ESD Garment

ESD garments are constructed out of polyester or cotton (or a blend of both) that impregnated with a grid of woven conductive fibers.

Antistatic Shoes

ESD shoes, have an electrostatically dissipative conductive shoe sole, popularly known as antistatic shoes.

Surgical Gown

We’re dedicated to making sure you have what is needed to give you peace of mind.

How we operate for you

We are committed to helping you select the best protection for each procedure with international standard items.

Limit Your Exposure

 Providing the right specifications for electrostatic discharge (ESD) preventive smocks.

Help Personnel Stay Grounded

Stop facing problems with static electricity,
start to Eliminate and Avoid Static Electricity Shocks.

Knowledge, Value, Service…

. By following industry protocols, you can avoid the mistakes that sometimes get specifiers in trouble.

What is ESD?

Let’s start with the definition of ESD: ESD is an abbreviation for electrostatic discharge: the pulse of static electricity that occurs when a charged person contacts another object. Anything from sliding out of a car seat or walking across a static generating floor can build up a dangerous charge.

How to avoid ESD?

The best way to avoid ESD events is to prevent static generation in the first place. In the case of ESD, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.. If the environment prevents static generation, it’s impossible for an ESD event to occur.

The best way to avoid ESD events is to prevent static generation in the first place.

Specifying building materials of any kind is a challenge, requiring patience, skill, and a general knowledge of the product and its place in the ecosystem.

Areas of expertise

Not having an active ESD control program puts everyone at risk!
e.g.: your operators & administrators, management & customers etc.
Setting up and managing ESD control program must be
an essential & integral part of your complete quality program.

Cleanroom Smock

Protect against contaminants and prevent ESD buildup in cleanrooms.

Antistatic Shoes

Through the conductive sole of the ESD safe shoes, static charges can be derived

Surgical Gown

We’re committed to ensuring your safety every step of the way.

ESD Chair

Offer electrostatic discharge to ensure a safe, static-free work area and comfortable seating.

Wipes & Caps

Protect against static discharge and contamination that may cause damage to materials being handled.

ESD Gloves

Provide general protection of products in massive particulation and electrostatic sensitive work areas.


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