Static electricity is a natural phenomenon, which can be generated from different ways, such as contact, friction, stripping and so on. Electrostatic protection technologies, adopted by electronics, semiconductors, petroleum, ordnance, textile, rubber, aviation and military fields, resort to reduce the loss caused by static electricity.

Classifications on ESD Garments

First of all, it is divided into 100, 1000 and 10000. The highest grade is 100. For example, electrostatic fabrics are divided into 0.25 grid, 0.5 grid and 0.5 stripes. Different fabrics correspond to different grades. The performance of antistatic clothing mainly depends on the conductive wires on clothing. The denser the conductive wires, the better the effect. It can also prevent dust and have good dust filtering function.


Grounding is very important to reduce the electrostatic charge on the conductor, the human body is a conductor, also a main source of electrostatic generation. Therefore, we must reduce the static charge generated by contact with the sensitive electrostatic components. Prevention of static electricity on the human body is best through grounding.


It is isolated from a charged object or a charged electrostatic field. Insulator is the best way to prevent electrostatic discharge during storage or transportation. Since grounding cannot remove static charges or insulators, it is necessary to isolate sensitive parts and components from them.

Working with us

The first step in preventing ESD is to correctly evaluate how small details can cause irreparable damage if ignored. An effective plan requires not only the use of effective ESD protection equipment, but also rigorous operating procedures to ensure that all plant personnel are ESD safe.

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