The Firm

Founded because of necessity…

MootC is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static and ESD Products in China and across the globe. Our roots date back to 2008, where Chuanghe was the first local company to offer a full line of antistatic products. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment with superb customer service.

What we do…

We serve food, industrial, medical and electronic markets and our product line consists of  Antistatic Shoes, ESD Garments, Cleanroom Wipes & Caps, ESD Chairs, Clean Room Smock, ESD Gloves, Surgical Gown and More.

A brief History

  • 2008



    We started as a local brand in Suzhou, mainland China.

  • 2010

    First Assembly Line

    Self-owned assembly line installed.



  • 2011


    Partnership with Top 500

    We started to serve top 500 companies from then on: HTC, SANYO, PetroChina…

  • 2012

    Worldwide Presence

    We’ve started cooperation with international companies



  • 2015


    Chengdu Branch

    Chengdu branch started to operate.

  • 2016

    Shanghai Branch

    Shanghai branch started to operate



  • 2018


    Rebranded wootC

    With a big market share in China and abundant product line,  we dedicate ourselves to server more international companies with a sub-brand wootC.

We are the top supplier of antistatic materials & products.

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