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ESD Fundamentals Part 5: Device Sensitivity and Testing

Download as a PDF » In Part Two of this series, we indicated that a key element in a successful static control program was the identification of those items (components, assemblies, and finished products) that are sensitive to ESD and the level of their sensitivity. Damage to an ESDS device by the ESD event is determined by […]

ESD Fundamentals Part 4: Training and Auditing

Download as a PDF » Your static control program is up and running. How do you determine whether it is effective? How do you make sure your employees follow it? In Part Three, we covered basic static control procedures and materials of your ESD control program.  In Part Four, we will focus on two ESD control […]

ESD Fundamentals Part 3: Basic ESD Control Procedures and Materials

Download as a PDF » Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge Part Three—Basic ESD Control Procedures and Materials © 2014, EOS/ESD Association, Inc., Rome, NY In Part Two, Principles of ESD Control – ESD Control Program Development, we introduced six principles of static control and six key elements of ESD program development and implementation. In Part Three, we […]

ESD Fundamentals Part 2: Principles of ESD Control

Download as a PDF » Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge Part Two – Principles of ESD Control – ESD Control Program Development © 2013, EOS/ESD Association, Inc., Rome, NY In Part One of this series, Introduction to ESD, we discussed the basics of electrostatic charge and discharge, the mechanisms of creating charge, materials, types of ESD […]

ESD Fundamentals Part 1: An Introduction to ESD

Download as a PDF » Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge Part One—An Introduction to ESD © 2013, EOS/ESD Association, Inc., Rome, NY History & Background To many people, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is only experienced as a shock when touching a metal doorknob after walking across a carpeted floor or after sliding across a car seat. However, […]

The Must Have Antistatic Shoes Resource List

Anti-static shoes are working shoes worn by workshop and advanced laboratory in microelectronics industry, such as electronic semiconductor devices, computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits, in order to reduce or eliminate static hazards. Anti-static shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the earth, thereby eliminating static electricity in the human body, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Antistatic & ESD

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon, which can be generated from different ways, such as contact, friction, stripping and so on. Electrostatic protection technologies, adopted by electronics, semiconductors, petroleum, ordnance, textile, rubber, aviation and military fields, resort to reduce the loss caused by static electricity. Precautionary Measures Grounding Shield Neutralization Protective Equipment Daily Life Common […]

Classification on Electrostatic Garments

How to classify electrostatic garments to different dust free clothing grades? Dust-free clothes are not unfamiliar to everyone. They are suitable for dust-free workshops of electronic semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and precision instruments. Dust-free workshops are divided into different grades. So cleanroom clothes have different grades. What are they? Let’s take a look. First of all, it […]

What is PU Antistatic(ESD) Shoe?

Antistatic or ESD shoes are commonly seen in workshops of various industries, the main purpose is to transmit the electricity to the ground, thus eliminating the static electricity from the workers. However, there’re just endless styles and you may have heard a wide array of materials as well, such as PU, SPU, PVC, just to […]