In recent years, more and more accidents caused by static electricity, anti-static has been paid more and more attention. With the development of economy and progress of society, almost all walks of life pay more attention to it. So anti-static shoes are getting to be known by more and more people. The production and manufacturing workers will wear them to ensure the product quality and personal safety. So how can we tackle this issue properly? Let’s take a closer look:

How to Make Antistatic Shoes Work As Expected

Wearing anti-static and dust-free shoes in the right way. This can affect the safety of production and product quality in a direct way. The right methods are:

1. When using dust-free shoes, do not wear thick wool socks and insulating insoles.

2. The use of clean shoes on antistatic floor is better.

3. Professional cleaning and resistance testing should be carried out regularly in the course of use. Don’t use them if you do not pass the test.

4. Upon storing, we should make sure that we have dry and ventilated place, without direct sunlight, in order to prolong the service life.

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