Anti-static shoes are special protective shoes in special environment. They can prevent static electricity and dust. They are suitable for shoes worn in clean rooms such as biopharmaceuticals, electronics factories, aerospace, petrochemical and food factories. Sometimes they do not prevent static electricity long after they are worn. People may think they are broken. In fact,  the problem was that they don’t wear them in the right way. We need to pay attention when we use it.

Why Antistatic Shoes Don't Prevent Electrostatic Discharge

Some people like to wear socks when they wear work shoes, especially when it is cold in winter, cotton thick socks will lead to anti-static performance failure. Socks should wear thin nylon socks or conductive fiber socks, not wool or chemical fiber socks!

Cleaning is another important factor for ESD shoes. Employees need to clean and maintain after wearing them for a period of time. Cleaning is not just for employees to take home for cleaning, but for professional cleaning companies, so as to ensure its special function. Here we need to pay attention to check whether the anti-static effect is up to the standard before cleaning. If the anti-static effect is not up to the standard, it needs to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it is a waste of money to wash out the non-wearable.

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